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لوگوی پویامهر

 About Logo 


Excavating a 5000- year old grave in the burned city, archaeologists found a cup with the picture of a goat with a tree on it. After surveying this thing, it was found that the repetition of this picture is meaningful and shows the goat’s movement towards the tree, against other gained works from the historical areas of burned city. The artist, who had been painted this ceramic cup on the canvas, could design a goat with five movements towards the tree to feed from its leaf. This cup was used for drinking with the height of 10cm and it firmed on a foundation. Researches found that this picture is the oldest idea of ancient people to provide “the moving picture” or in today’s word “animation”. Bringing the images together, archaeologists were able to provide a moving picture in a sample of 20-second movie. According to the main activity of the company, the idea of designing Pooya Mehr company logo is derived from this goat that is combined with square designs with the concept of digital and technology.

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