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» Investment and partnership


Investment and partnership


Achieving the perspective and mission, Pooya Mehr Software Company tries to be a reliable and pioneer commercial company in the relevant investment with artistic and cultural products and industries. The role of Pooya Mehr is to identify, design, guide, support, coordinate and manage the artistic and cultural investment as well as providing advisory services in the field of external and internal investments. Pooya Mehr underlies the investment and manage it in the field of relevant services and products like video and audio production, creating technology, social and thematic collections as well as related exhibitions.

In this context, preventing the dispersion in usage of resources is emphasized and tried to cause the forces synergistic by various investments to increase the market of products exchange (goods and services) between the partners.

Fields and priorities of the company’s investments:

  • Investment in animation film and series production with the approach of international market
  • Investment and participation in setting up cultural centers
  • Investment in creating modern technology centers in the field of art and culture

Selection of partnership and investment areas are done according to the following criteria:

  • Having a stable outlook in the market of artistic and cultural products and services as well as relevant products
  • Being portable, flexible and consistent with the best international standards
  • Having social and legal acceptability that are relevant to the target trading markets
  • Designs and products that their manufacturing is challenging because of lack of capital or required technology in Iran


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