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Peace Corps Animated film:

Long animated film of Peace Corps with the brand of “The Power of Peace” is producing as the first professional and commercial experience of Iran’s animation that is a combination of two-dimensional techniques and CGI and VFX with the aim of premiere in the global market. The nature of this film is dramatic, adventure, fantasy and epic.


Supplier of the Peace Corps animation is Pooya Mehr Software Company and its director is Ali Borzu Rafi Poor. Domestic and foreign producers and elements are used for producing this film.


Advertising Animation of Enamel Dome (Sky Center and Science Museum):

Production of Advertising Animation of Sky Center and Science Museum are supplying in Abbas Abad of Tehran with the title of Enamel Dome. Its supplier is Pooya Mehr Software Company and Pooya Nama Pardaz Studio runs it according to the global standard of Dome Master.




Animation of the Prophet Muhammad’s life (pbuh) with the title of “Muhammad Amin”:

Animation series of Muhammad Amin is produced about the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with the order of Al Albayt La Ahya-e- Alteras institute.




“Management” training series:

This training series is produced with the combination of animation and live footage with the order of Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Organization.


Documentary film of “renaissance”:

Documentary film of “renaissance” was produced with the approach of strengthen the civic life in Tehran’s downtown with the order of Tehran Municipality Cultural Spaces Development Company in 1388.


Investment in manufacturing and supplying cinematic films:

  • Movie of “Thirteen of 59” (with 60% equity ownership of Pooya Mehr)
  • Movie of “One line of reality” (with 65% equity ownership of Pooya Mehr)




Movie of Oral History of Iran Oil Industry:

The series of “Oral History of Iran Oil Industry” was produced with the aim of register, maintain and keeping the pioneers’ experiences and learning in Iran Oil Industry with the order of employees’ pension fund of oil industry.


Promotional movie of Pacific Asia Cement Project:

Registering movie of Pacific Asia Cement Project was produced with the order of Saman Apadana Company.





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