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 Project of Digital Arts Technology Park in Tehran will be created with the goal of growth and development of Iran digital arts industry with partnership of Tehran Municipality and Islamic Propagation Organization in a land about 40,000 square meters and investment more than 1000 billion Rials in one of the most important cultural areas of Tehran (Africa Avenue).

The main mission of the park is to expand the quality and quantity of animation products, computer games, graphic and advertising, special effects of cinema, simulation and virtual reality.

The most important technical characteristics of the project are:

1-     Equipped and advanced studios of digital arts industry include:

  • Sadra equipped and advanced studio
  •   CGI equipped and advanced studio
  •   Animation and game equipped and advanced studio
  •   Virtual reality equipped and advanced studio
  •   Motion Capture equipped and advanced studio
  •   Rendering equipped and advanced unit

2-     Administrative infrastructure and advanced support like protective and security systems, building management system, networking supports and etc.

Strategic units are as followed in designing the project that causes a situation for economic boom of the park:

  •   Technological infrastructure and production of specialized goods and services
  •   Creation of professional learning spaces
  •   Creation of recreation and cultural spaces
  •   Creation of commercial and exhibition spaces

The project is currently in the design phase.


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