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Qasr 2

Qasr prison was delivered to Tehran Municipality's Cultural Spaces Company from the beginning of 1387 with the aim of turning it to an Iranian garden and museum. This collection now is a 12-hectare garden that is decided to turn to two classic and traditional phases as a cultural and tourism set; meanwhile, designing and implementation of the conceptual designs of turning Qasr prison to Qasr museum garden is assigned to Pooya Mehr Software Company. More than 59 artists of visual arts including sculpturing, painting, graphics, photography and etc. as well as domestic and foreign contractors cooperate in advanced technology fields as digital users, lighting, video and sound.

Qasr museum garden is ready to operation at the end of summer in 1391 with “Persian outdoor garden museum” with plant diversity and pleasant atmosphere for all citizens.

Another part of it is Iran’s Islamic Revolution History Museum for the country’s historical changes from Qajar period till Islamic Revolution victory. Three available yards in the prison is going to complete with the availability of playing video, clipart and conceptual videos for interested people who wants to visit. Mosque, Qasr gymnasium, library of research center, various galleries, exhibition and cultural places, tearoom and traditional restaurants, centers for supplying cultural products, artistic products’ market and crafts are other parts on this museum garden.

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